important note for students

kind attention note for all students enrolling in and willing to learn from me ………

  1. you will not drink alcohol for the rest of your life .
  2. you will never smoke in your life .
  3. you will only have sexual act with your wife only. once in fifteen days , twice in a month , as per lunar calendar , on Ashtami the eighth night of waxing moon and on eighth night of waning moon .
  4. still better you have sexual act once in month only on full moon .
  5. you will never ever in your life give money on interest . you will never ever earn interest on money .
  6. you will try and avoid taking loans , try to live peacefully , do not take any loans , if by chance you take any loan take on interest free loan where you do not have to give any interest .
  7. you will not stay in multistoried buildings or apartments , try to get some land and stay on ground floor without any flooring on it , the floor should be of mud .
  8. pray minimum five times in a day as per the timings of the Islamic prayer , you can do the prayers as per your religion but follow these prayer timings.
  9. try to be independent of society .
  10. try natural healing methods and do not rely on scientific methods , do not rely on science .
  11. use organic foods or home grown foods , take care of your health .
  12. try to stay at place where there are less signals of mobile network and less congestion where there are minimum or no cellphone towers . use landlines phones wherever possible .
  13. worship the mother earth daily .
  14. you will not shake hands with anyone say namaste instead of handshake.
  15. do blessings daily .
  16. you will do meditation daily for one hour as instructed by teacher .
  17. you will do mantra chanting daily for one hour as instructed by teacher.
  18. you will follow all the instructions given by your teacher and not add or delete from your own side , simply follow the instructions .
  19. Do not worship science .
  20. Worship the one allmighty who is one and only one .
  21. Do not worship Satan and take part in satanic rituals and do not be a party to Satan’s followers.
  22. Do not do acts that please Satan.
  23. Do acts that please the allmighty .
  24. Shut down bluetooth of your mobile phone.
  25. Stop drinking tea and coffee.
  26. Stop eating chocolates.
  27. Sleep early by 9.30 p.m.and get up early in morning .
  28. Have dinner till 8 p.m.
  29. For achieving purity of mind.body.soul. chant the name of shri RAM. Chant the name RAAM.
  30. Do not chant aum aum aum instead chant Ram Ram Ram . ( RAAM ).

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