Hemant Valecha : about me

About Me


MY NAME IS HEMANT VALECHA. I stay in new delhi . INDIA . My phone number is 9313142502.

My hobby and passion is to know supreme god right from kindergarden age , i wanted to know god. i have been to many jungles and mountains and learnt many knowledges . i do not practice these knowledge , i just know them.

i did my schooling from delhi cbse board and graduation from delhi university . i have done some short term post graduation courses also from delhi .  my interest was always in spirituality from beginning and i pursued that my whole life .  i do not have money as i have seen and experienced good people do not have money on this planet earth.  i live a very simple life with my good and bad qualities of life . i like simple food and not much interested in food and sex . i do not like people in power as i feel they are not good . i do not watch news or television or movies, i do not like them. i do not like concrete high rise buildings , i like jungles and rivers and flora and fauna . i like red colour . i like rice and dal . i like simplicity . i like truthfulness . i have suffered a lot in life by speaking the truth . i like peace so i do not like armed forces like police army air force navy .   i have my own set of  likes and dislikes . i have my own views and opinions . i keep them them to me only , strictly . i do not poke my nose in anybodys work as it is not my job. i like to live in peace . i do not disturb anyone peace and it hurts me people disturb my peace . i love kids . all kids of everyone . i like to see sunrise and sunsets .

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