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we do not make any followers

we are not interested in making any followers

we live life like a common person having all the good habits and bad habits , we like our good habits and bad habits , we are not here to become a role model for you . we want to live and enjoy life.

we have no money transactions, no money is charged for anything, not even one unit of currency exchange is involved in teaching.

we believe in guru dakshina , means self service to the master , an ancient tradition .

we generally do not teach anyone, unless the person seeks my advice , we do not advise. we do not like poking my nose into your business .

we have three schools of learning , these are :

1.  bharavi : this is left hand path of tantra , which we teach you . this path is not for everyone . rare are its knowers and rare are its disciples.

2.  vishnu : this is right hand path of tantra , which we teach you , this path is not for anyone, rare are its knowers and rare are its followers.

3.  general school : this is the middle path, which 99 % of the people follow .

seats  : we do not intend to teach more than 100 persons this knowledge the world over.

formalities : for bharavi and vishnu , you need to appear for interview , we will listen to your life history for three hours,as we need to know you . i am not clairvoyant . we will ask you about you only to know you , then we decide to teach you or not .      90 percent chances are we will say no only , there is only ten percent chance of approval. as we do not intend to teach this knowledge.

in general school everyone can apply : same process we in general know you talk to you for three hours to know you , general loose talks , light talks, we do teach ,you can learn , but only bit by bit , we teach you slowly , once you absorb the teachings , then we teach you more . you need not to meet me as i am not interested in meeting people , you can learn from internet also .  if you want to learn personally , then you , you can learn but only one class of three hours in three months will be given to you .  whatever is taught you have to apply the teachings in your day to day life . we do not teach for the sake of teaching , unless we feel the learner is keen , we do not teach further .

email to :  for  start learning  process. kindly send your complete bio data , photograph to email, we will reply you within 15 working days. kindly write a short description of who you are in ( your inner self)  around 500 words, and what  are you looking for in learning in 100 words.

advisory services : these services are for people who have devoted their life in spiritual and religious practices and have not achieved anything or achieved less. these are for high saints, religious leaders , head of religious institutions . if you feel you are not able to progress further in your spiritual life then you can seek our advise.  you need to give us guru dakshina for this service , whatever we say you will be under moral oath to execute the order given to you . it can be anything . if you will not execute the order ,we will destroy you and your institution with gods power .

note : only apply for bharavi and vishnu if you have been interested in god since kindergarden age.  for general school everyone can learn . we do not like to teach middle age people and older age people, as we believe learning has to take place in formative years of life. however if you are too old we love to teach as childhood returns in them. still everyone can learn as the doors are open in general school .

i live life like a normal person , i wear leather shoes, i like leather jackets, i eat vegetarian only , i do not drink alcohol but i like the scent of it, i do like to go to parties sometime, i am liberal , i like romance , friends , i like to cry a lot , i like nature and natural things , i like to talk to friends a lot, i do not like to talk to strangers, meaning thereby i live life like a common man , i like to do shopping , like  everybody lives and enjoys,
but there is saying that not everybody gets everything in life , man has to contend himself with what he has received , someone has got one thing another person has got another thing ,
so there is nothing that we can do n this . ……


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