your inner core healing

your inner core healing 

Inner core of a person . You may be very good at outside but very bad at your core . Or you may be very bad outside but very good inside . You inner core is like an onion at every layer you are a different person . You have to know yourself , know your different layers of personality ! Emotions ! Embedded in you . See an example a snake is very good at outside ! If you have lived with snakes you will see they are very peaceful creatures ! They won’t harm you but if you try to harm them they will kill you . So are human beings who appear to be good but are actually not ! Where does the concept of forgiveness go when someone harms you ! Why do you bite back ! Why can’t you forgive that person ! See forgiveness and peace is within ! You have to find peace in your inner core . See you may have seen people giving donations but when you try to harm them they strike back this means they are good on outside but inside they are not good. See try to peel the inner layers of your onion mind and you will see what kind os a person are you ! Introspection needs to be done of your inner personality ! Outer personality is the outer onion as seen be others ! Inner personality is the inner person as seen by you . God sees your inner core he is not concerned with your outer part as outer part is fake ! God loves real things !


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