Hemant Valecha telephone number : +91-9313142502 .

hemant valecha

hemant valecha

interest in spiritual studies since childhood , kid, studying and analysing and researching is my hobby since childhood kinder garden age. have done deep research n this field. by deep mean if you go up you reach mt everest so if you go deep the same height down the earth, so deep . we believe in our life experience and research work done on what is written in the lines in the books.

if you want to learn this science from me you have to drop your ego and complete submission at my feet . you may be a teacher , spiritual teacher , head of institution , spiritual leaders , religious leaders , this applies to you all . i am a very simple person but this is the condition is for you to learn from me .

i live a very simple life , like you and me , having all the good and bad habits , as we live in this world , so live like the world , but take care of your karmas as it is important , then do anything and enjoy life .




hemant valecha.

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